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Singapore has been described as having ‘toilets you can eat off’, wherein they have among the cleanest toilets in the world. The government even created a Flushing Law under Environmental Public Health (Public Cleansing) Regulations. It is illegal not to be able to flush a public toilet, if you’re you’ll face a fine. This is the reason why in general, Singapore has a great flushing system. Even for private use, you will notice that there are lots of brands with the best flushing system in Singapore.

Although we have great flushing in this country, sometimes we can’t avoid unexpected problems with the toilet flush system. And, for today’s post, we’ll discuss the common flush system issues or specifically with the toilet cistern which is the part that holds the water.

Sometimes, issues around the toilet cistern or the flushing system can be solved on our own, but, it is highly recommended to call a professional plumber especially when it comes to the toilet flush system because it can be tricky and complicated. Also, this can be one of the signs that there might be a major plumbing issue in your house.

Top Common Issues with Toilet Flush System

Toilet Flush System Problem

Having a weak flush

This can be a common issue that can happen especially if you’re using your toilet for several years. An old toilet can be a sign that you need a replacement, but you have sought a plumber’s help if it truly needs a replacement or just a repair.  Also, remember that by not addressing the problem, it may end up having a toilet choke.

If you pushing the flush button and it’s not flushing, there can be an issue with the cistern – it can be in an empty state. This may happen due to low water pressure or no water at all.

You must also check your toilet valve, it can be leaking. If that happens you may experience using your toilet with a weak flush.

With Incomplete Flush or Partial Flush

Have you experienced flushing a toilet with strong water pressure at the beginning but ended up not completing the process? If it’s a yes, you must check your toilet’s flapper valve – it may contain full of water. A reliable plumber can also help you in fixing or replacing your toilet’s flapper. He is also knowledgeable about various toilet flapper types that can fit your needs.

The toilet is Flushing on Its Own or the Phantom Flush

If you’ve got a standard toilet or not an automated one, you may wonder why a toilet is flushing on its own even you are not using it or simply not pushing the flush button. It may sound weird, but commonly it does happen and it can be a sign that you are having a problem with your toilet flush system.  One of the reasons is that you have a problematic flapper valve that holds the water. It may be worn-out and the water is slowly leaking. Calling a reliable can help you out and can help you solve your water wastage.

Twice or Double Flushing

Another flushing issue that you should watch out for is having a toilet that repeats its flushing process. This may happen due to water leakage coming from the toilet tank then going to the toilet bowl. Also, this can be caused by a worn-out flapper valve. This may also occur due to having too much water in the toilet tank.   If this problem can’t be solved, you’ll end up facing an increasing water bill.

Having a Whistling Toilet Tank

Although, a tank that whistle is not a direct problem, this is a sign that you may experience a major flushing problem soon. It can occur due to having a damaged fill valve.  For a long period of usage, it can worn-out.  If you are having a faulty fill valve it can lead to leakage into your toilet bowl. As mentioned earlier if you take it for granted you’ll be shocked seeing your water bill.

The Flush Button is not working

Having a damaged toilet flush cistern or toilet flush valve can be the main cause of a flush button does is not working. There might be a faulty part within a cistern does by pressing or pushing the button it can’t activate the toilet flush system.  And, the faulty part may need replacement.  When it comes to replacement, it is essential to call for a professional plumber to do the job accordingly. He can help you to install the toilet flush valve. Also, they can even help you in finding the best flush valve in Singapore – which is ideal for your toilet type.

With a Leaking Tank

As discussed earlier, leaking can be caused by a faulty fill valve, the water supply, and a lot more. This may also happen due to the damaged part anywhere in the flushing system. If your toilet is leaking, this can be one of the major problems since you’ll end up having more water wastage which means that you need to pay more for your water bill.

Having A Tank that is Slowly Filling In

If you are having a toilet tank that is slowly filling in, you may experience a weak flush. One of the reasons that this occurs is that you are having a semi-open valve coming from the water supply. Another reason is by having a clogged water supply line. Also, having a low water pressure due to a faulty pressure pump or toilet bowl pump can cause this issue.


Call A Professional Plumber for Your Toilet Flush System Problems

Call a Plumber for a Toilet Flush Problem

If you’ve got the following issues, don’t panic, there are always professional plumbers that can help you fix your toilet flush system. They are knowledgeable about what to fix and they start their repair or replacement with a thorough diagnosis. At the end of the day, you’ll end up saving more time and money when you hire a professional plumber than doing it by yourself.

At Express Plumber, we can help with your toilet flush system issues. We have reliable plumbers who are knowledgeable on how to fix those issues. Whether you have a faulty toilet cistern, or toilet flush valve, or water cistern problems, we can help you in repairing or replacing it.  Chat with us on WhatsApp now!

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