A plumbing system is among the most essential part of a home. This is why it’s important to recognise these plumbing issues. Before getting into trouble, you must spot these problems. Remember a tiny issue can turn into the worst one.

Here are key signs that you need to watch out for. It’s telling you that you’ve got a major plumbing issue coming.

What You Need to Watch Out!

1. Faucet Leakages

Sometimes, a dripping faucet is easy to ignore but you have to check out for leaky faucet. This can eventually cause major renovations and repairs in the future. And when you acknowledge it can make you mad since unused water can add up on your water bill. This may also cause further damages to other parts of your sink or pipes.

2. Clogged and Slow Drains

If you have noticed that you have a slow or clogged drain, it a sign that there is a plumbing issue coming your way. This can cause accumulation of your waste or debris which may result in having a stinky sink or restrooms.

3. Running Toilet and Wobbly Toilet

Having a running toilet can be a nuisance but it implies that you are wasting water. One of the reasons that you may be shocked at the end of the month.

Also, if you noticed a wobbly toilet when you sit, you may check first the bolts, if you’ve got that those bolts are still tight, there’s something wrong. It can be a sign that you need a replacement since your toilet drain failed or there are others beyond it.

4. Sewer Odour

When your kitchen or bathroom is giving a bad smell although you have cleaned them, it means that there is a problem in your sewer. The stinky odour may come from your drain especially there are blockages.

5. Broken Pipes

You may start checking for broken pipes. But, there pipes that you can’t easily see, so you need to check your water bill, if its spikes at the end of the month, your broken pipes can be the culprit.

6. Water Heater Issues

Among the most annoying water heater issues that you will find out that its hot water is leaking. This could be a cause of broken drain valve, corrosion, and rust build-up. If you have found out that your water heater is not working properly, it’s time to get checked by a professional plumber.

7. Low Water Pressure or Weak Water Flow

Another sign that there is an issue on your plumbing system is that you are having a low water pressure or weak water flow anywhere – it can be on your kitchen sink or restrooms. This can imply that you are having an active leak. You need to call for a reliable plumber in Singapore that can check your pipes and be able to repair those active leaks.

8. Unusual Water Colour

If your surprise that the water coming to your faucet is not clear this another hint of an issue building up in your plumbing system. When you see cloudy water coming out it can be an indication of air presence in pipe, but if it’s turning yellow or brown water it tells that rust is present. This can affect your health, so you have to take action immediately. You need to contact a trusted plumber that can inspect your plumbing system.

9. Discoloration in Pipes

You have to check what’s under your kitchen sink especially your pipes. If you noticed signs of discolorations, it means that moisture is present. This can happen due to water dripping from your sink or drain line. It’s also another sign of a serious problem on your plumbing systems which you need to take action ASAP by getting the help of a professional plumber.

10. Escalating Water Bill

One of the key signs that you have a serious plumbing issue, you definitely got a spike in your water bill. And, it’s beyond what you have expected. You have to make sure that you have given priority for an inspection of your plumbing system. If you can’t find the leaks for sure these are hidden and you need a reliable plumber to check for it.

Get Your Plumbing System Inspected by a Professional Plumber in Singapore

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Before a tiny issue gets bigger, it’s essential that you get your plumbing system inspected by a professional plumber in Singapore. If you take it for granted, for sure, there’s a plumbing emergency that will come sooner.

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