Effective Plumbing Tip on How to Unclog Your Sink Naturally in Singapore

If you are a house owner then you would commonly face a problem known as a clogged sink or sink choke. Kitchen clogged sinks can be worse and can occur at any time. And, toilet sink choke occurs in some instances. It can also be a sign of a major plumbing issue.

Before we discover the suggested plumbing tips on how to unclog your sink naturally, let us first discover the common culprits of sink choke.

Common Causes of Sink choke

When we talk about the clogged sink or sink choke, we mostly think about two sink chokes; kitchen sink choke and toilet sink choke. Usually, the main reason for kitchen sink choke is the gathering of oil and fats in the pipes.

Also, debris while washing also causes clogging. While toilet sink choke is due to the accumulation of hair particles, grooming products, and tissue paper.

The following are the major causes of sink chokes.

Leftover food

One of the major causes of a clogged sink is food accumulation. When we wash dishes or plates, the leftover food goes to the pipes and accumulates there, hence, causing congestion. Because of the accumulated food or congestion, the drainage can’t function effectively, and thus, we face the issues of a clogged sink.

Oil accumulation

Another major cause of sink clog is the accumulation of oil. It may also lead to the making of grease in the drainage pipe and as a result, you will need a plumber to get rid of problems. Grease has the natural property of inducing a sticky situation in the pipes that trap food particles and other residues and make a clog over time. This type of clogs is difficult to resolve by oneself and can also develop again easily.


Hair is the common cause of sink clogging and is mostly found in bathroom drains. It accumulates in the pipes and mixes with the sludge and becomes the reason to choke a sink. When hair and sludge mix, they form a solid ball of mass and don’t allow further drainage through pipes.

Other small residuals

Not only food, oil, and hair cause sink clogging. There are many things that can also cause it such as bolts, nuts, or children’s toys that somehow manage their way into the sink drainage system. These things go to the drainage system and mix with other clog-causing objects. In the end, it can lead to complete blockage of the drainage pipes.

Plumbing Tips: Affordable Ways To Unclog Your Drain

Resolving clog sinks is sometimes easy work but sometimes it may be tricky. The signs of clogging start showing off at a time before complete choke drainage. You should start working to fix it at this time or you will face a heavy cost in repairing drainage pipes. If you are also facing clogging issues then the following are some of the smart ways to unclog your drain.

Boiling Water Method

Pouring boiling water into the drainage pipe is one of the easiest and common ways to clear out the small clogs. You just need to pour water into the drainage pipes slowly in two to three stages. Boiling water is best if you have metal drainage systems, and if you have PVC pipes, you don’t need to pour boiling water, you can just use hot water.

Baking soda and Vinegar method

You don’t need to buy any expensive cleaner from the market to get rid of your blocked sink. You can make that at home with some quantity of baking soda and vinegar. However, you may face some difficulty in using this method and this is your drainage system is completely blocked. This method is considered one of the most effective homemade methods to unclog a drain.

To apply this method, you need to boil a pot of water and pour it into the clogged drain, and then dump approximately ⅓ cup of baking soda into the drain. Then boil another pot of water and mix a cup of vinegar with it and pour it into the drain. Wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then pour one last pot of boiling water to completely unclog the drain.


Usually, bathroom drains are clogged due to hair and other products that can be easily clean with a wire hanger or millipede cleaner. But if the blockage still exists then you need to apply more power to pull out the debris. The best tool that will definitely help you, in this case, is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaners come with some useful attachments that help you to easily unclog your sink. The vacuum cleaner machine creates powerful suction to pull all the debris from the drain and you will feel it like removing dust from an empty pipe. There are various models of vacuum cleaners available in the market and you can easily choose among them according to your need.

Millipede Cleaners

The millipede cleaner is a great tool to clear all the deeper blockages. It curls up like an insect and reaches the corner of the drain to unclog it. These are available at any local store and you don’t need to give it a lot of your time while unclogging. Just uncoil the stick and push the grading end of the stick down to the end of the drain and twirl it around a few times and then pull it up. All the debris will be stuck to the end of the millipede cleaner and your drain will be clean.

What If You Can’t Solve It?

Plumber to Unclog Sink

If the clog is still there after using the above-mentioned methods, then you need to call a plumber who will check the problem and fix it for you. If you live in Singapore, we are providing our best services to you with our trained and experienced plumbers who will unclog your drain and you can get rid of all plumbing issues.


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