Toilet Choke

Toilet choke can create much mess because the toilet is used by every home. Toilet clog is another name used for toilet choke. If the toilet is not working properly, it may have a drainage problem. There may be some stuff in the drainage system that causes toilet clog.

Toilet clog can be very stressful especially when there are guests or some events at your home. If the complication is not of the severe type, you can unclog your toilet choke by yourself. But if it is in severe condition, then you need to hire a professional in Singapore, they may either unclog it or replace your toilet.

In this article, you will get to know why your toilet is often tangled into a choke and how can you get rid of this problem.

Why Does My Toilet Bowl Choke Often?         

Toilet bowl chokes can immediately create an emergency if you have this problem with the toilet at your home. The precautions and solutions temporarily remove the problem. However, after some time clogs will start to appear again. Then you need to know why your toilet bowl choke often.

In this section, you will get reasons why your toilet bowl choke often. After reading this, you can stop these reasons to avoid toilet clogs. In Singapore, most of the toilets have the following reasons for having frequent toilet chokes.

Plants and trees can damage the drainage system

As you know that trees are always finding water to sink, it’s possible that trees can get access to the pipes of the toilet that can create a hurdle in the normal working of the drainage. As a result of which, your toilet will have a clog in it. In Singapore, this problem is widespread to arise.

Infected sewer lines

It is also possible that sewer lines may damage by plants, trees, animals, or heavy traffic. So it’s a fact of understanding that if sewer lines have any blockage problem, the toilet bowl at your home will surely face toilet choke. This can be proved very depressing for you and your family.

The slow process of drainage

If your toilet’s drainage system is not working at a speed as needed, then it can be a prediction of a coming toilet choke. Slow speed can damage the pipes that start leakage.

Old toilets

If your toilet bowls were used years ago, then the flush’s speed may slow down. As a result of which, your toilet will be having a choke. It would help if you replaced your old toilet with the newer one.

Hoarded waste

If the solid waste is huge, it can block the pipes that disturb the drainage system. When a lot of waste is gathered in the pipe that does not flow can create a severe toilet choke. Suppose you need to flush a lot of waste. Throw it properly. And, you must also consider those things that must be never be flush down in your toilet.

Un-dissolvable items

The toilets in Singapore are designed to dispose only of human waste and toilet papers. If you try to flush out or dispose of things like pampers, pads and towels, etc., you will surely have a toilet choke.

Ways to Unclog the Toilet Bowl Choke in Singapore

Of course, you will not feel happy after facing a toilet choke. First of all, to clear the choke, you must have an idea that what is the reason for the toilet choke. Some of the reasons are discussed above in this article. Find out the reason and then try some method to remove the choke in the toilet bowl. In Singapore, before hiring a plumber, you can unclog a toilet choke by the following methods:

Usage of waste removal products

When the flushing process is slow, then try using some cleaning products available in the market. Search the market for a reliable product. Generally, these products take time to show results. But eventually, the cleaning agent will help in removing the clog.

Homemade recipes

You can use homemade procedures for cleaning. Most of the recipes for clog removal include baking soda, hot water, and vinegar as ingredients. Search the solutions for unclogging the toilet choke from the Internet. Try to make enough recipes to put more pressure that will clear the choke in a short time.

Usage of chemicals

You can use chemicals to remove the toilet clogs. These chemicals work in the same manner as waste removal products. But the difference is that they work more strongly than the enzymes. You should follow the instructions written on the bottle for better results. These chemicals can remove the clogs more quickly, but they are dangerous for humans and animals.


The detergent used for cleaning the pots can also prove to be reliable in removing the toilet clog. Put the detergent into the toilet directly, then put some hot water and use any plumbing tool to move the clog.

Use plungers to unclog the toilet choke

You can use plungers for removing the obstacles from the flush. Plungers can be proved useful if the clog is not of severe type. It requires a lot of effort to unclog a toilet choke.

Use plumbing tools

Many tools are available in the market that is used by house owners for removing the toilet clogs in Singapore. Get a plumbing snake from the market whose objective is to break the clog into small pieces. So that it can easily flow and you can successfully unclog the toilet choke.

Use hangers for cleaning

You can use hangers to clean the toilet if you do not have any plumbing tools at your home. It is possible that you do not have the specific tools at your house, and you have to use hangers as a cleaning tool. In this way, you can unclog the toilet choke without spending money.

Using vacuum cleaners

This way can also be used for clog removal. It does not involve hiring any professional plumber. The vacuum cleaner can be more successful because it works stronger than the other methods mentioned above. This can only unclog the toilet choke if you remove the water in the toilet then try to clean it.

If you are still unable to remove the toilet choke even after trying the above-discussed methods, then it is recommended that you contact a professional plumber in Singapore.

What if you can’t unclog the toilet choke?

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If you are in Singapore and face toilet chokes very often, and you have tried by yourself to remove this clog, but you fail to do so, you must need to hire a professional. As you know, the toilet is used daily basis, and it should be in a normal working condition because frequent toilet clogs can result in bad health for you and your family.

You should hire a competent plumber in Singapore to unclog the toilet choke. They are skilled and trained to unclog various types of chokes.

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