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With other electronic gadgets, the water heater is also a need of the time. Especially in cold months, we need warm water for various purposes. Also, this is considered a staple,  almost every residential apartment, house, and hotels are using a water heater all around Singapore.  It’s an essential appliance that helps to make it easier to take your daily shower.

But, there are times that in an unexpected time, it broke and the sad thing is that we can’t identify the signs before it happens. So, it’s essential to identify the signs of when we can do a replacement.

Also, always remember that when you ignore those signs, it can become one of the major plumbing issues.  If this happens, you can face a major plumbing problem soon.

Common Signs that Tell Us There is a Need for Water Heater Replacement

Rust or Corrosion on Tank

Keep your eye on your tank and occasionally check for any rust or corrosion that may have built up over recent years. There are two specific areas which you should keep an extra eye on:

  • Around the warmth and pressure relief valves
  • The inlet and outlet connections.

Rusty Water Coming Out from the Heater

Another thing that indicates the heater’s replacement of water is that rusty water coming from the heater is generally a clear sign that the tank’s interior is rusty. This will gradually turn into a flow, which means you need to have your water heater replaced whenever possible.

Presence of Moisture Around the Heater or a Leaking Tank

Take a walk around the device and search for any pooling. If you see just a little moisture, there is most likely a leak or fracture within the tank. Your tank may be leaking because as the metal heats, it expands and then cracks, forcing water through the radiators.

Not Enough Hot Water

When you opt for a hot shower and it turns you’ll be having a cold shower and it emits cold water over and over again.  It shows that your water heater is going to fail. Typically this is a reliable indication your water heater might be beyond repair and has to be substituted.

Noisy Water Heater

In case it sounds like there might be a thunderstorm in your cellar, chances are something is happening with your water heater. As your tank ages, the remainder begins to build on the floor.  When the sediment heats up, it eventually fusses and will knock against the heater. That’s where the loud rumbling noise is coming from. With the hitting sounds comes leaking, so it’s ideal for replacing your heater once you start to hear unusual sounds.

Countless Repairs

An excellent means to know when a water heater has to be replaced would be to keep tabs on the total quantity of times it has to be repaired annually. The water heater in your house should not need to be fixed more than twice annually. Rather than spending money to earn your water heater survive more, organize for a fresh installment.

Old Water Heater

If you have an older water heater and has been used for many years, it experiences wear and tear, thus in the end you can have a malfunctioning heater. In that case, a replacement is a must.

Rising Electric  and Water Bills

If you have discovered that you have increasing electric or water bills due to the leakages and parts that are malfunctioning, you’ll end up facing much higher bills. Also, if you found out that your water heater is the one causing the issue, it’s telling you that it’s time for a replacement. It’s a good idea to have your water heater checked by a professional plumber and ask his opinion about the ideal solution.

Consider an Expert Plumber During Replacement of Water Heater

To schedule a water heater replacement, it is necessary to get a professional opinion. An expert will guide you that if it is time to have it replaced, contact all our pipes. A water heater that receives routine maintenance and prompt repairs when needed could last for several years.

You have probably already had the same water heater operating for you because you moved into your current home. As we know, everything, no matter how perfect it is, has to come to an end, and you will need to substitute the water heater at any point later on as it can do the job it is supposed to.

Initially, you are going to consider arranging to have the water heater fixed; however, there are signs to see this can allow you to identify if to replace the water heater.

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